About Emily Chilvers

Thank you for checking out my art! My name is Emily, and I have been drawing since i can remember- always doodling in class, making little comics and anime characters in 6th grade, and from drawing or doing a craft almost everyday for the past 20 years, (granted some breaks here and there from artists block) i now draw every day almost all the time, and get to "permanently draw" on you! ;) 
Im super nice and mellow, and i will always be a weirdo shy kid at heart. I am also honest, I dont believe in just throwing some design on your body that was traced from google images. I think tattoos should be custom and creative! If you feel this way too and would like to contact me about a tattoo, feel free to book with me now! 


official facebook page: facebook.com/killverstattoo
tumblr: killvers-tattoos.tumblr.com/
instagram: killvers


If you saw a design that I have done and want that as a tattoo, please specify what it is. Also if you have reference of what you want, please feel free to include them in your e-mail, but please keep in mind that I will use your reference as inspiration and ultimately draw a custom design.

My rate is $100/per hour. Only after you give me specifics about the tattoo you desire I can give you a rough estimate. If you have a budget, please let me know ahead of time.

Other project requests:

  • Skateboard commissions
  • tee shirt designs
  • album artwork
  • murals
  • enamel pins

Brenda Sues Tattoos and Fine Art Gallery  (616) 930-3113
876 Grandville Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503