Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "I have seen on social media that Emily is dealing with some health issues, how does that affect me?"
A: I am currently taking appointments, limiting how many hours I tattoo each day. Because these issues overall affect my performance as a tattoo artist, I will always opt to reschedule if im not feeling well in order to be certain I am providing the highest quality tattoo for you. I am still getting more information as to when I will be all healed and at this time its "up in the air" as to when my neck and dominant shoulder/arm/hand will be 100% again.

Q: "How do I set up an appointment?"
A: Best way is to book online using the form to the left. You will be able to see which days and times I currently have available, and choose your day and time!

Q: "How does a consultation work?"
A: Consultations are for discussing new, larger projects and for cover-up/fix-up work. Consults range from 10 - 30 minutes, depending on what is being discussed!

Q: "What if I live over an hour away?"
A: Please let me know! I can do consultations via email for special circumstances.

Q: "Do you do cover ups/fix ups?"
A: Depends on what it looks like, some things can be fixed and cleaned up while some need a completely new tattoo to cover your existing tattoo.

Q: "Do you have a minimum?"
A: Yes, 60 dollars.

Q: "Flash Day? Whats that?"
A: Every so often I will announce a "Flash Day" via my facebook and instagram. These specific days I offer my pre-drawn designs at discount prices, these designs may be tattooed more than once but each will be unique.

Q: "Can I get your artwork tattooed by someone else?"
A: In most cases, NO. Please do not take any designs/artwork without permission.

A $50 deposit is required if a sketch or rough draft of your tattoo is requested BEFORE your scheduled tattoo appointment. This is a payment for the time invested in drawing the sketch. This payment is figured into the total cost of the tattoo when the final appointment comes. If you do not wish to view your tattoo before the appointment date and choose to accept my drawings for your tattoo, a deposit is not required. 

If you are a repeat offender I have the right to refuse to tattoo you... it would be incredibly unfortunate for both of us, but please keep in mind reserved time slots are not easily filled last minute. I always prefer not to lose a client because of this! You can always reschedule/cancel through here, OR you may get a hold of me via Instagram Direct Message, Facebook (not as reliable), or simply by replying to your confirmation e-mail (best). Please note I must be notified at least 24 hours in advance, or you forfeit your deposit.